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Calendula Herbs Company For Importing & Exporting Was Started As A Family Business In 1980 By Cultivating and planting Herbs and Spices On Our Own Property and Selling it in the local market without any processing .

After 20 years and exactly in 2000 ; we Decided to process our herbs and spices before selling and started processing of our crops and we continued to sell it in the local market to the exporters , Because Of The continuous Increase In The Production Volume We made Our Decision To Expand Our Activities ;

 So In 2014 We Established our Company( Calendula Herbs Co. ) So That We Can Export Our Goods and Products To the Global Market and We Succeeded To Do That with Establishing a Mutual Trust With Our Partners In Many Countries around the world .

 We Always Do Our Best To Supply Our Partners With The Best Quality Herbs and Spices .

 We Believe That The Mutual Cooperation Is The Guarantee To Achieve The Best Satisfaction Of Our Partners .

Why You Should Choose Us ??

5 Benefits Of Partnering With Us ;

1. Extensive Stock Of Goods
2. Quality Assurance
3. Our Experience
4. Reasonable Prices
5. Approved Raw Materials

With Our Respect ,

Board Of Directors.

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